EYFS/KS1 (mixed year teaching)


Worked at Camblesforth CP Academy for six years as EYFS/YR1 teacher. Recently returned from Maternity leave and now teaching in YR2/3

EYFS moderator for 3 years

Leading EYFS teacher for NYCC for 4 years


Worked with many schools and settings with NYCC preparing them for HMI visits in my lead teacher role.

Delivered many seminars for ‘Selby South’ schools on different elements of EYFS as part of my lead role.




Challenge within Continuous  Provision

English Leadership


School to School support work in East Yorkshire

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School to School Support

Supporting other schools and colleagues is fundamental in sharing great practice and improving teaching, learning and outcomes.

National Leaders of Education

NLEs are outstanding head teachers and principals who use their skills and experience to increase the leadership capacity of others school to help raise standards.

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