Next Steps 2019/2020

EborHope Teaching Schools Alliance (EHTSA) has secured funding from the Equality and Diversity Fund to provide ‘Next Steps’ support for female teachers wanting to explore leadership pathways.

The evaluation feedback from our successful 18/19 Women’s Leadership Programme and Network identified a need to provide ‘the next step’ – more focused on the practical skills needed to secure a promotion. We also found that participants wanted an opportunity to explore their interests, skills, experience and knowledge in further detail to help them understand their professional motivations and drivers. Finding, building and boosting confidence in themselves and considering how to do this in new, unfamiliar situations (such as interviews) was also something that participants identified as an area for further support.

The programme will draw on a basic underlying philosophy ‘inside out’. Our personal, managerial and leadership paradigms affect how we interact with other people. This in turn will affect how they interact with us. In dealing with other people we must begin with an ‘inside out’ approach, rather than considering our problems ‘being out there’. The more we understand about ourselves the more likely we are to understand others.  Participants will learn about their personal and professional energy and motivation, decision making and structuring professional opportunities and challenges.

Who is the programme for?

We are able to fund 20 female colleagues across Yorkshire (£200 each), (both Primary and Secondary), to engage in the programme. MBTI training and resources will also be provided for all participants.

This programme is open to all female colleagues, at any stage of their leadership journey looking to secure a leadership position, and/or wider professional development to support their career progression, over the next 12 months. This may be additional responsibilities within your current role.

It is particularly appropriate for those who participated in the Women’s Leadership Programme and Network in 18/19.

This programme is delivered in partnership with the Women Leading in Education coaching programme. There is an expectation that all successful colleagues will join the coaching programme to support them in the delivery of their action plan. EHTSA, supported by other partners, will match you with an appropriate coach who would work with you, in person or remotely. This would be for approximately three hours in total, taking place between now and July 2020

. It may be appropriate for your SLT mentor to be your coach.

This programme is supported by Pathfinder TSA, Diocese of Middlesbrough TSA, Huntington Research School and York Local Authority.

More about the programme

This project will:

  1. focus on practical skills of writing CVs, preparing and practicing for interviews
  2. build confidence and develop awareness in colleagues, to be authentic in taking their next step in leadership.

provide structured learning time for participants to explore and identify the right next steps for them.

Programme structure 

Session 1 – 5.12.19 (1-4pm): MBTI session 1 : Exploring the impact of your personality preferences on your resilience, decision making and energy. Developing self-awareness that might be crucial to self-directed change and learning.

Session 2 – 6.2.19 (1-4pm): Key speaker, workshop sessions on CV writing, preparing for interviews, interview questions, mock interviews.

Session 3 – 29.4.20 (1-4pm)   : MBTI session 2 – Using your knowledge from Session 1 (personality preferences) and applying it to your leadership style. This session will develop your confidence, impact and presence in the workplace through showcasing your strengths and reflecting on potential pitfalls.

Funding and commitments

To access the funding you will need to identify your specific development needs in the online application.

It is important that senior leaders in your school support your development and have an awareness of your career aspirations and interests. You will need to provide the name and contact email of the SLT colleague overseeing and supporting your project.


  • Free programme for all successful applicants
  • £200 per applicant to fund personal development and/or release time from school

Your commitment

  • Identify specific development needs and personal career targets in your application
  • Attend all training and meetings (3 x ½ days)
  • Complete any necessary surveys (baseline, midpoint and endline)
  • Be an advocate for the programme

You may be contacted by the Equality and Diversity fund holders as part of their quality assurance.

Next steps

  1. Share the programme overview, discuss your career aspiration and development needs with SLT
  2. Review the application questions and find your TRN (below)
  3. If you are interested in finding out more about the programme please contact
  4. Ensure SLT support before completing survey monkey Application form:
  5. Application submitted to EborHope TSA. Application process opens 23 September 2019. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  6. Application process will close 5pm, 16 October 2019

Application questions:

1. Your name

2. School email address

3. School/ Organisation name.

4. Current role.

5. Please enter your Teacher Reference Number (TRN). (Can be obtained from your school records)

6. Name of your SLT Sponsor.

7. Email address of SLT Sponsor

8. Please tick to confirm the following:   My SLT sponsor supports my application for the Next Steps programme

9. What are you hoping to achieve by the end of June 2020?

10. What questions would you value the opportunity to explore during the programme?

11. What practical support and next steps would you most benefit from during the programme?

12. Please tick all boxes to complete the application. I am committed to:

·       Attend all training and meetings (3 x ½ days)

·       Complete any necessary surveys (baseline, midpoint and endline).

·       Be an advocate for the programme.

We are delighted to be working closely with Physics Partners to design and deliver a programme which will support the development of Physics teaching across our partnership. It’s a great opportunity for teachers to work together, share good practice and work alongside excellent practitioners in order to improve engagement and outcomes for young people - Sarah Clarke, Director Ebor TSA