6 things to do before starting your teacher training year

Image result for beth hartwellBelow is a practical guide highlighting your next steps once you have accepted a place on a teacher training programme. Remember, the majority of these recommendations are optional things to consider before start your ITT programme in September.


 Author: Beth Hartwell, Director of Initial Teacher Training, Secondary



 1. Book your skills tests as soon as possible

Some testing centres are very popular, so to reduce waiting and travel time, make sure that you book these as soon as possible. Ensure that you have a look at some practice questions which can be found here.

2. Consider applying for a subject specific scholarship (if applicable)

There are ITT scholarships available in Computing, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Geography and Languages. They provide excellent opportunities to gain additional support, resources and networking opportunities within a specific subject area. More information about each particular  scholarship can be found on the website below:

  • Computing: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
  • Chemistry: Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Geography: Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)
  • Languages: British Council
  • Maths: Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships
  • Physics: Institute of Physics scholarships

GetIntoTeaching, 2019

3. Send copies of your qualifications to your provider

Try and get your documentation submitted as soon as possible. Your provider will ask for original copies of your degree and GCSE certificates.

4. Engage with twitter

Twitter is a popular platform for teachers to share ideas and resources. Twitter will provide you with information about priorities in education, blog posts by teachers in the classroom and the latest educational research. You can also connect with other people that are starting their training in September.

5. Visit your placement school in July

If you have the opportunity to visit you placement school in the summer term, please do take advantage of this. Meeting colleagues and pupils in advance, getting a feel of the school and knowing the exam specification can make a large difference to you feeling more confident when starting a ITT programme in September.

6. Enjoy the summer break

Ensure that you enjoy the summer break, ready to start a challenging but rewarding career.


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