Reflections on my first term teaching at EborHope Teaching Schools Alliance: I never want to leave education!

Emily Easton

In the first of our ‘Talking about teaching’ blogs we hear from Emily, a student History Teacher with EborHope Teaching Schools Alliance about her experience in her first few months of teaching. In this series we will be looking at teaching from the point of view of student teachers, professional mentors, newly and recently qualified teachers, specialists and senior leaders in education to give you a broad overview of what being part of teaching in EborHope Schools Alliance looks like today.

Author: Emily Easton, student History Teacher


The stress of university careers fair was approaching in my final year at Newcastle University and I had no idea what I wanted to do! The thought of applying for jobs terrified me. My 15 years of education was coming to an end and I really didn’t want it to. That’s when the idea of teaching was suggested to me, and that is how my journey began.

I loved my experience at secondary school; I was passionate about education and will never forget the inspiring teachers that I encountered throughout school life. An opportunity to get back into that environment seemed right for me. After applying for the School Direct Programme, I was offered an interview (before I’d even finished my current university course) and accepted on a conditional offer until I graduated. The interview was not as scary as I thought it would be, reassured by the EborHope staff, who were passionate about helping me to get a place on the course.

Before beginning the course in the September of this year, I was continually supported by EborHope throughout the summer with all my worries and queries. I was naturally apprehensive about beginning, however, the induction days helped by meeting my fellow student teachers (who seemed as nervous as me!). I was given my ‘base’ placement school and had a chance to meet my future colleagues and mentors before starting in September.

I was worried that I would be behind compared with my course cohort as I’d had little experience of working in a secondary school. However, I soon realised that the students of the school direct course came from all sorts of backgrounds, ranging in age and experience. I think this unique mix creates a great atmosphere when we all get together once a week to discuss how our placements are going, and the experiences we have had – the good, the bad and the ugly! Knowing that one day a week we are able to meet up as a cohort, have our questions and concerns answered, and given advice from experienced teachers is so reassuring.

Teaching is a constant challenge; there is no denying that. Nevertheless, the joy I have already felt from my first term with the EborHope teaching placement has affirmed that this is the job that is right for me. I have a strong support system of mentors and tutors, guiding me through beginning my teaching practice, also providing weekly sessions on the various elements involved in the job. EborHope focuses on staying true to yourself and revolving your development around that – there is no certain mould you have to fit in for teaching, teaching is expressing your personality and knowledge in your own individual way.

If I could go back to that careers fair, I would tell myself that if you want a job where no day is the same, a job where you are constantly stimulated and challenged and finally, a job where you can make a real difference in society and individuals’ lives then, put down all those leaflets and apply for teaching!

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